Mephisto Technology

Mephisto soft Air Tech

The unique construction and technology in a Mephisto shoe has earned the company a passionate customer base. Regularly awarded ‘best shoe brand of the year’ among its French competitors, Mephisto has transformed the walking shoe into one of unmatched durability and design, giving the wearer the confidence to sport it with pride. Mephisto – Why settle for less?


The SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY of MEPHISTO makes tired feet a thing of the past. The flexible SOFT-AIR midsole minimizes the shock resulting from - walking which offers protection to your feet, relief for your joints and proper care for your back.



The very complex anatomy and muscular structure of the human foot allows the body to maintain proper walking. Therefore it is not a surprise to find a quarter of the approximately 220 bones of the body in the foot. To protect the different zones of the foot, that are specifically affected and are sensitive to pain from walking daily in shoes, MEPHISTO has equipped every style in its entire collection with the internationally patented SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY.



Prolonged wear of shoes often results in excessive perspiration, irritation of the skin and other discomforts that affect the foot. 

SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY along with the all-natural leathers of the uppers and linings, ensures proper hygiene of the foot.


The shock resulting from walking is a permanent action that the body must endure. Walking on hard surfaces exposes our joints, vertebrae and back to these shocks for our entire lives.
The special shock absorbers in the heels and the SOFT-AIR midsoles, fl exible and absorbent, present in all MEPHISTO shoes, effectively reduce and minimize those shocks.